Brake disc (Friction ring)


The challenge:

Reduced cycle times and high demands on axial run-out and the reference geometry of the brake disc

The solution:

WEISSER precision lathe with customized process solution

  • The modularly structured single- or multi-spindle pick-up machine models of the UNIVERTOR AM series and UNIVERTOR A  are used for the multifunctional machining of brake disks.
  • Realization of subsequent operations in one work area with drastically reduced downtimes and high precision
  • High precision thanks to reduced reclamping losses and special clamping techniques optimized to the machine and process
  • Original WEISSER technology module, NC-straddle toolholder for the plane parallel machining of the friction surfaces
  • Built-in drilling station with adapted pitch circles for the fastening bores
  • Original WEISSER precision turning spindle, optimized for robustness with simultaneously maximum concentricity and axial run-out precision for an optimal turning result on the brake disk
  • The pick-up method developed by WEISSER offers a high degree of automation and prevents chips from being spread and workpieces from being contaminated
  • Versatile automation components load the machines, connect different production lines, integrate test steps and can be adapted at any time to extensions.

More information: Product range (UNIVERTOR A and UNIVERTOR AM)


  • Complete machining of rotation-symmetrical workpieces with large diameters, e.g. of friction rings for automobile braking systems
  • Workpiece run-through from left or right with short traversing paths thanks to technology integration in one work area
  • Individually tailored use of various tool systems, e.g. driven tools of a tool block
  • Use of multi-spindle drilling heads and direct drive (Y axis) for producing through holes
  • Special clamping device for compliance with minimum tolerances
  • In-process measurement
  • Flexible automation solution with turning station for the required workpiece position of the subsequent operation
  • Process-integrated workpiece transfer for various workpieces with exact compliance with the corresponding surface requirements
  • Finish machining of the friction ring with NC-straddle toolholder
  • Measuring, testing and monitoring systems do not allow tolerances to be exceeded.
    Result: High process reliability, workpiece precision and machine availability

Advantages at a glance:

  • Realization of maximum quality demands and surface quality
  • High productivity per unit area thanks to integrated machine design
  • Reduced number of setups thanks to process integration, such as drilling
  • Minimum reclamping losses due to spindle-to-spindle transfer
  • Maximum precision thanks to original WEISSER precision turning spindles
  • High precision thanks to self-developed straddle toolholder for the parallel machining of friction surfaces
  • Optimally accessible work area
  • Armored design of all components located in the flying chip area

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