Environment & Quality(DUNS)

The principles of the WEISSER Integrated Management System (WIMS):

Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety and Data Protection as well as Information Security and Legal Compliance play a major role in our daily work. Binding specifications define the respective standards WEISSER has set for itself.

  • We work in a process-oriented manner and have process owners throughout the entire value chain. Our processes are systematically examined, possible process risks and causes are identified, measures are derived, and their effectiveness is increased to optimize processes and maintain customer satisfaction.
  • We are committed to ensuring compliance with applicable legal obligations and their requirements through regular reviews and appropriate measures.
  • Throughout the company, we work together to avoid errors and to analyze and remedy identified weaknesses. We rely on our committed, competent and motivated employees.
  • The health and safety of our employees is a valuable asset and will be protected with priority.
  • We empower our employees to work and act in accordance with WIMS through transparent decision-making, open communication and continuous training.
  • We create trust through protected information of our customers, suppliers and employees to enable a long-term, cooperative partnership.
  • We reduce waste and other environmental impacts through defined technical and organizational measures.
  • We avoid environmental damage and use the best available technology as far as this is economically justifiable. Our machines and we ourselves conserve resources and avoid waste.
  • We are committed to taking the necessary precautions to avoid possible emergencies.

Our company policy is market, environment and customer oriented. In addition to striving for customer benefit through speed, accuracy, and efficiency, we also emphasize environmentally conscious, safe, and sustainable actions in all activities.

Our certificates

DIN EN ISO_9001:2015
DIN EN ISO_14001:2015