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Rotational turning of coated shafts

WEISSER integrates two processes into a multifunctional, horizontal ARTERY machining center, which could not be more different at first glance. The rotational turning developed and patented by WEISSER and the extreme high-speed laser welding method EHLA of the Fraunhofer ILT.

One of WEISSER’s core competencies is the combination of different manufacturing processes. The combination of rotation turning and the Extreme High Speed Laser Cladding EHLA from the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Aachen results in a hybrid machine that performs turning and milling operations as well as additive welding in a single clamping. The resulting new form of complete machining thus eliminates the need for the individual steps of grinding, hard chrome plating and hard turning. Both processes are superior to others in terms of speed and quality. The resource-saving as well as fast and high-quality machining results have already been proven in series production with both processes.

Features rotational turning:
Example: 4-axis complete machining of transmission shafts:

    • Machining time 6.0 s (compared to hard turning: 17.9)
    • Cutting speed 280-320 m/min (160-200 m/min)
    • Feed rate 0.44 rpm (0.12 mm/min)
    • Speed 2,230 min -1 (1,400 min-1)
    • Surface quality Rz of less than 1.5 μm
    • Accuracies from IT5 to IT6 (thus no grinding or polishing required)
    • 77% time savings compared to hard turning

Features EHLA

  • Powder articles already melt in the laser beam and not, as usual, only in the melting bath
  • Increase in achievable feed rate from previously maximum 2 m/min to up to 500 m/min
  • Process-safe and resource-efficient application of thin layers (approx. ten times faster with 1000 cm²/min 10 to 500 μm)
  • Surface roughness Rz 10 to 20 μm (conventional processes factor 10 higher)
  • Resource-saving alternative to hard chrome plating
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