Differential housing

The differential housing is and remains an indispensable component when it comes to drive concepts. The increasing quantities of this complex component bring with them a growing challenge. For the production of the differential housing, the classic high requirements of automotive engineering apply: high quantities, error-free processes, short cycle times. In addition, this connecting element, which is located in the middle of the differential gear, has an extremely complex shape. Therefore, the turning operation is demanding and takes place in several sub-processes. WEISSER offers unmatched expertise in this area due to countless customer projects. Individual machining processes are optimized economically and with the latest technologies, and thus offer an efficient manufacturing solution.

Suitable products


For the evolution of the proven AM series, we put together countless years of customer feedback and the concentrated know-how of our engineers.


1-/2-spindle pick-up precision turning centers for chuck turned parts up to Ø 500 mm or shafts up to 350 mm in length in medium and large quantities - including rotation turning, grinding, milling