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Intelligent technology processes and -complete turnkey systems

WEISSER machining centers with integrated technology concepts are the solution to demands for shorter process times, productivity and process safety. Shorter cycle times and the associated lower unit costs are decisive competitive factors, especially when manufacturing high quantities. WEISSER turnkey solutions not only score at high quantities but also at small quantities with high set-up flexibility. We pass this competitive advantage on to our customers. With the experience of more than 160 years of development, construction and realization of customized machines, our engineers develop today the most economical solution upon your requirements. The development of the complete production process provides you full-cost transparency and helps you to solve complex tasks in an optimal way. With four steps to success. WEISSER Turnkey.

Offer phase-
and planning phase

  • Process requirements
  • Production boundary conditions
  • Machine requirements & machine typen
  • Workpiece clamping / Tools
  • MFU features
  • Terms of acceptance
  • Delivery instructions
  • Processing strategy
  • Inspection of critical MFU characteristics
  • Number of fixings
  • Number of spindles
  • Design of the machine system
  • Workpiece loading and automation
  • Clamping device
  • Tools


                  • Construction and integration of the workpiece-specific
                    – Clamping fixtures
                    – Tools
                    – Automation
                  • Approval process of the tooling plan, layout plan, etc.
                  • The verification procedure of the process capability through
                    – the preliminary acceptance at WEISSER
                    – the final acceptance at the customer


  • Assistance with production startup and support
  • Training in operation, programming and maintenance
  • Service e.g. with preventive maintenance, spare part
    support, qualified service personnel, etc.