With the original WEISSER HOT system, the machining of non-circular workpieces becomes far more economical compared with milling or grinding, since any contours may be produced with just one turning process. This significantly improves not only the speed, but also the shape accuracy.

Non-circular workpiece shapes are used among other things in general mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, in aircraft construction or electrical engineering. Special applications include pistons, connectors, sliding seats, coupling elements and shaft-hub connections (car gearboxes, control wheels, etc.).

The out-of-round turning method developed by WEISSER

  • Replaces traditional forms of processing such as profile milling and grinding and/or profile grinding
  • Significantly reduces the processing time thanks to the special kinematics between the rotating workpiece and the oscillating tool cutting edge (freely programmable)
  • Generates high surface quality
  • Enables highly productive manufacture of regular polygons and disharmonious profile shapes with the highest precision and surface quality
  • Provides internal, external and face machining on the workpiece
  • Replaces profile connections (spline shaft connections) and parallel-key connections by polygonal workpiece shapes

Appropriate machine concepts:

Vertor C

1-spindle, vertical precision turning machine for manual-, robot- or gantry loading for the machining of chuck-/shaft parts up to Ø 150 mm – amongst others oval turning, milling, drilling

Vertor M

1-spindle, vertical precision turning machine for robot-or gantry loading for the machining of chuck parts up to Ø 250 mm and for the vertical machining of shafts up to 450 mm length