The process integration of hard turning and grinding technologies in a single working area includes both shaft-type workpieces and chuck parts such as sun shafts, shaft bevel gears, gearwheels, sliding sleeves etc. Complete machining in a single clamping achieves the highest precision and surface quality. In addition, set-up, tooling, rogramming and wait times are greatly minimized.

Complete hard fine machining shortens the process chain by reducing cycle times while offering other significant cycle time advantages. Both internal and external grinding spindles can be used in the working area of a WEISSER precision lathe. Process-adapted use of the grinding spindle configuration yields a variety of options and maximum flexibility:

• Fixed grinding spindle for precision grinding of flat surfaces
• Tilting grinding spindle for finish grinding of bores and cones
• Movable and adjustable grinding spindle for adapting to workpiece interfering contours

One of WEISSER’s unique innovations is the combination of hard turning and synchronous grinding with simultaneous internal and external cylindrical grinding. Another possibility is the combined internal and conical CBN grinding process for dry machining using only one grinding spindle. Simultaneous dressing during unloading and loading eliminates the disadvantage of cycle time extensions – a significant productivity advantage!
• Complete machining in a single set-up
• Combination with other machining processes possible
• High precision and surface quality levels
• Significant reduction of cycle times
• Use for shaft-type workpieces and chuck parts
• High degree of flexibility for customer-specific solutions

Appropriate machine concepts: