The challenge:

Precise machining of gear wheels

The solution:

Modularly designed, one-or multi-spindle WEISSER pick-up precision turning machines of the lines UNIVERTOR AC-1, AC-2 or UNIVERTOR AM-1, AM-2

  • Process integration by original WEISSER-technology modules enables several process sequences in one machine, whereby potential reclamping errors are reduced
  • Versatile automation components equip the machines, connect different production lines, integrate test steps and can be adapted to extensions at any time

Most precise clamping technology for clamping free of distortion


  • The complete machining from the processes hard turning, ID-and OD-grinding in one machine is exemplary for a perfect machining of gear wheels
  • As a result the cycle times will be significantly reduced compared to the conventional ID-and OD-grinding
  • Excellent grinding-and profiling characteristics and high dimensional accuracy
  • With the patented Rotational Turning process which can be used for the OD-, ID-turning and facing as well as for the hard-and soft machining, surfaces free of lead marks, excellent surfaces with roughnesses below Rz= 1 μm are implemented
  • Measuring-, test- and monitoring systems do not allow tolerance exceedings
  • Result: High process reliability, workpiece accuracy and machine availability
  • Multifunctional complete machining of gear wheels

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