Highly productive and multi-functional

The challenge:

High piece numbers and precisions with simultaneously reduced production surface and simplification of the process

The solutions:

WEISSER precision lathe UNIVERTOR AS – modularly structured, single-spindle shaft pick-up lathe

The distance between centres is offered in the sizes:

  • UNIVERTOR AS 400 with 400 mm wavelength
  • UNIVERTOR AS 650 with 650 mm wavelength (optional 700 mm)
  • UNIVERTOR AS 120 / 650 for the heavy-duty cutting of large shafts,

also in the combined MILL-TURN process


  • Complete machining in one setup by means of method combination and special shaft clamping chuck
  • High productivity and precision thanks to method integration of hard turning, rotational turning, grinding, drilling, milling
  • According to the milling/turning principle, drilling and milling operations can be carried out on shafts with driven tools.
  • With UNIVERTOR AS 650/4, reduction of process times by means of 4-axis machining with two powerful disk revolvers
  • Individual automation solutions, e.g. high-speed portal robot
  • High stability and precision for workpiece machining with tailstock and steady rest support
  • Excellent surface quality thanks to optimal tool design and high-quality mechanical engineering
  • Measuring, testing and monitoring systems do not allow tolerances to be exceeded.
    Result: High process reliability, workpiece precision and machine availability

Advantages at a glance:

  • Integrated automation thanks to unique horizontal pick-up system
  • Minimum process times thanks to optimal paths
  • Highly precise machine design
  • Complete process chain can be presented: cutting to length/centring, soft turning, hardening and hard turning

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