Multifunctional complete machining of pistons

The challenge:

Complete machining at top quality for maximum yield and process reliability during out-of-round turning

The solution:

Precision lathe with WEISSER HOT system

Specific production lines with machine models of the VERTOR and UNIVERTOR AM series are used for carrying out all process steps for the complete machining of pistons.

Especially significant in piston machining is the out-of-round turning with the original HOT system (Hyperspeed Oval Turning) developed by WEISSER.

The ideal basis for the take-up of the out-of-round machining system WEISSER HOT is the precision machine WEISSER VERTOR C. The production centre allows the highly productive manufacturing of regular polygons and disharmonious profile shapes with maximum precision and surface quality, and is used with high efficiency and excellent precision for the out-of-round turning of pistons, for example.


The process sequence range includes various operations, particularly on the piston neck, shaft, ring section, piston base and recess. This includes turning, drilling and milling work, in-process measuring and the out-of-round turning with the WEISSER HOT system.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Highly dynamic oscillation drive for flexible generation of mold contours
  • High cutting speeds
  • Generation of first-class surface quality
  • Increase in the working speeds between 200 to 300%
  • Increase in productivity thanks to the built-in tool changer
  • WEISSER greenplus® design for up to 40% savings in energy cost

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